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“World Flag Project” how to help…

I need one flag from each nation of this world.
I have only three months to gather all of them together.

You can participate in this project by sending me a flag! Click here to see which flags have been donated to date.

Flag size: Approximately 2m x 3m (3’ x 6’)

Material: Cotton is preferred but if available only in nylon, those would be gratefully accepted.

New flags are not necessary! Ideally, I need flags that are used. Those flags that are worn and retired from service will work best for my project and hopefully these could be acquired at no cost.

They can be sent to my home address listed below no later than 15 August 2004.

Steven P. Woodward
255 East Kellogg Blvd.
Studio #306
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 55101


This is a project of the imagination

Please contact me via E-mail before sending them to either address so I can post it on this web site.
As I receive a flag from each country I will post it along with the donor’s (contributor’s) name and any comments they would like to share. Or if the donor prefers, I will simply state "anonymous".

Note:I have not included sovereign native nations in my request as there are over 170 within the U.S. alone. I hope to include one flag from one of these nations located here in my state as a symbolic acknowledment of their presence.

If you know of anyone, anywhere in the world that would be interested in being part of this project, please send them a link to this site. Any and all donations, thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated and lovingly included in the work. All I can offer you in return for your participation is acknowledgment of your contribution in any exhibition of the final artwork and my heartfelt thanks.

Please E-mail me with any questions or comments: steven@worldflagproject.org




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