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Would you help me join together the world's nations in a symbolic act?

There are currently more than 193 flags representing the nations of this earth. I am weaving all of these flags together in a metaphor of inclusion, equality and strength. I am seeking the same number of people, families, or communities to collaborate with me in the creation of this artwork. The idea is born of my love for this world and all of its peoples. It will depend on individuals with a similar love and a belief in the power of our imagination.

Metaphors are the means by which the oneness of the world is poetically brought about.

My goal is to weave all the world's flags together into a single braid. These flags will all be treated in exactly the same manner: none better or worse, more powerful or less. I want to gently fold and compress their individual symbolism into a vibrant line of color and pattern. Braiding is a craft practiced by my mother (with me on her lap) and countless other women for generations before her. It is an art form based on the admirable traits of patience and frugality. It should take me three months to accomplish this task. I have been awarded an artist’s residency at the Camargo Foundation, located in the south of France, from September through December 2004. My goal is the creation of this work, using the time and facilities awarded by this fellowship.

Love is fed by the imagination, by which we become wiser than we know, better than we feel, nobler than we are…

Weaving has been a part of all cultures, and all nations on this earth. Whether it is the weaving of the fabric of personal stories, of ancient myths, the world's beginnings or the weaving together of lies that the ignorant and confused have always spread. I will reach back into my own memory, my own imagination as I braid the colors and symbols of this world together, and I will dream of a form to nurture and hold them.

If you have a moment, go to my web site and look into my imagination-the way in which my love has manifested in this world-If you are intrigued by these images and the intention behind them,

then I must humbly ask for your help

Steven Woodward, Artist
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                   — James Joyce




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